Friday, 9 March 2018

Tam plays with Scribble Sticks

Hi there everybody, thought I'd pop in today with an extra share.

I adore the Dina Scribble Sticks, but I have to admit that when I ordered them I was terrified.  The thought of just scribbling without a plan.....what!! I really haven't done a lot of Art Journaling, I'm much more of a layout kind of girl. So I was both looking forward to them arriving and dreading it at the same time. When they did arrive, they sat on my scrap desk for a while.....and tormented me.

Anyway, eventually I had no more excuses and decided it was time.

Something I have always wanted to do is draw a face, but I never have - where does one start?   So I decided to just do it! Stop listening to that inner critic and just play!!

First up, I decided to use the journal that I experiment in.  It's nothing special, the paper's not great quality but I use it to stamp off after using a stencil.  So it contains all these pages with different splodges of colour.  It was perfect for this experimental play. 
The hardest part about starting a face is just that.....starting! Having colour already randomly splodged on the page made it feel safe.  It wasn't too clean and stark.

Something I did after my first one, was google Dina Wakley faces and I watched a 5 minute video which gave me a few tips and tricks.  I would recommend this.  It helped me with proportions.

But then that was it!! I stopped watching.
I started playing.
This can be a real trap for myself and lots of people, watching you tube video after you tube video. There's so many inspirational people out there HOWEVER I find this robs me of my creative time, and I end up feeling too overwhelmed and too much pressure.

So my advice would be just watch 1 or 2 max and then go PLAY. 
You might just surprise yourself. 
I did.

 So once I got to this point I was busting to do more! 

So time to get the Dylusions Journal out.

 I used Scribble Sticks for the background and the face.

I added a few stamps from AALL & CREATE and a touch of journaling.

A few word stickers from 7Dots and I was finished!

There you have it.

I hope this inspires you to step out of your comfort zone and give something new a go. Perhaps something you've always wanted to do........ ignore that inner critic......enjoy the process.

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